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Finance and insurance

Language of flood insurance policies
Audio | ABC Gold Coast | 2011

Rolling out the gibberish going forward
Article (PDF) | Australian Financial Review | 2010

Did business-speak cause the GFC?
Audio | Sydney Writers' Festival via ABC Big Ideas | 2010

Plainly, Manglish was a cause of financial woes
Article (PDF) | The Australian | 2009

Clear as mud: how gobbledygook caused the GFC
Article (PDF) | Australian Financial Review | 2009

Advance Australia Fair ... as a mission statement

Australians all let us rejoice

National stakeholders going forwards should be committed to visionary communications

For we are young and free

For we incubate next-generation scenarios that leverage dynamic functionalities

We've golden soil and wealth for toil

We have mission-critical infrastructure to maximise world-class deliverables

Our home is girt by sea

Our brickware harnesses frictionless supply-chain scenarios

Modern Manglish cartoon

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