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Plain language

Access starts with plain-language forms 
Article | Michigan Bar Journal | 2021

First steps toward certification 
Article | PLAIN eJournal volume 3, No. 2 | 2021

Access starts with the precedent: Evaluating the language of leases
Article | The Clarity Journal | 2020

Human Services website the first to meet Plain English Foundation's gold standard
Article | The Mandarin | 2018

What does a plain English editor do? 
Article | The Mandarin | 2016

The readability debate
Article | The Mandarin | 2016

The arguments against plain English (don't add up)
Article | The Mandarin | 2016

Words that should be banned
Article | The Mandarin | 2016

Brushing up on the plain English essentials
Article | The Mandarin | 2016

Digital transformation demands plain English
Article | The Mandarin | 2016

10 reasons executives should embrace plain English
Article | The Mandarin | 2016

A plain English program goes well beyond the words
Article | The Mandarin | 2016

The critical success factors in a plain English program
Video | The Mandarin | 2016

The critical factors for plain English success
Article | The Mandarin | 2016

A 9900% rate of return? The value of plain English
Article | The Mandarin | 2016

Neil James – What's in a name? The future for plain language in a converging communications profession (PLAIN 2013)
Blog post | Iva Cheung | 2013

Greg Moriarty and Justine Cooper – Persuading clients that plain language works (PLAIN 2013)
Blog post | Iva Cheung | 2013

Advocating plain language in the media
Article (PDF) | Clarity 67 | May 2012

Neil James and Eamonn Moran – Strengthening plain language institutions
Article (PDF) | Clarity 64 | November 2010

Garbled words to get chop 
Article | The Australian | 2009

Nathan Rees: PLAIN 2009 Conference opening address 
Speech transcript (PDF) | PLAIN 2009 Conference | 2009

Premier says speak English please 
Audio transcript (PDF) | ABC Radio | 2009

Promoting 'Plain English' 
Audio | ABC Radio | 2009

Rees urges public service: keep it simple, stupid 
Article (PDF) | Sun Herald | 2009

Fighting the good fight – Conversations with Richard Fidler
Audio | ABC Radio | 2009

Professionalizing plain language: a postcard on current developments 
Article (PDF) | Society for Technical Communication | 2009

Defining the profession: placing plain language in the field of communication
Speech transcript (PDF) | Clarity Conference | 2008

Setting the standard: some steps toward a plain language profession
Speech transcript (PDF) | PLAIN 2007 Conference | 2007

Plain language developments in Australia
Article (PDF) | Clarity 55 | May 2006

Little Miss Muffet ... in police speak

Little Miss Muffet
sat on a tuffet

A child or young person answering to the name of Muffet was observed in proximity to a tuffet

Eating her curds and whey

In the act of consuming produce described as curds and whey

Along came a spider,
who sat down beside her

Whereupon it is alleged that an offender of the appearance of a spider loitered in a malicious manner in the vicinity of said juvenile

And frightened Miss Muffet away.

Causing her to proceed rapidly from the premises in an agitated way.

Modern Manglish cartoon

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