Editing services

Our Getting to the point® editing services will transform your workplace writing into clear, engaging and persuasive texts. We can:

  • edit whole documents in depth
  • develop templates to save time for your writers and readers
  • evaluate your writing against plain English benchmarks.

Expert, experienced editors

We edit texts such as:

  • legal contracts, deeds and agreements
  • technical, scientific, financial and audit reports
  • policies, procedures and guidelines.

Unlike traditional copyeditors, our specialist editors use a comprehensive approach that looks at structure, design and expression. We edit in Microsoft Word. 

Showcase Samples

Simple, attractive templates

Templates we work on include:

  • reports
  • briefing notes and board papers
  • fact sheets
  • client and customer letters.

We also offer companion template seminars to help you launch the templates.


Objective writing evaluations

We are the only company in Australia with an objective evaluation system to assess documents against plain English best practice.

We can evaluate anything – one report, dozens of briefs, or a full website. We offer 3 levels of service to suit your needs:

  • our Verbumetric® writing evaluation assesses the writing standard across your whole organisation
  • an Editorial Review gives detailed, qualitative analysis of a document
  • Snapshot Assessment measures how effective a single piece of content is.

 Contact us to discuss your needs.

We are a preferred NSW government supplier and have worked with over 300 organisations. Our user terms apply to all registrations.

  Plain English transformations

The strategy will make large structures like the raised train line less obvious.


The strategy will ameliorate the visual intrusion of large infrastructure elements such as the elevated railway structure.


 Our clients say

I do love the way you transform the rough drafts and notes of conversations into something not only of clarity but of beauty.

Manager, national inquiry

The review helped me turn my drab, process-focused document into one that staff and communities would enjoy reading.

Unit manager, state justice authority

I was most impressed with your template super powers. Much appreciated!

Program officer, professional council

Benefits for your organisation: Get your message across, save time and money, strengthen relationships and improve your image